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About the Proposal

The proposed Oldhall Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) will turn residual residential, commercial and industrial waste into energy, and generate up to 15MW of electricity - enough to power around 30,000 homes.


  • Generate at least 15MW of energy, enough to power the equivalent of over 30,000 homes. That’s greater than the demand of the residential population of Irvine.
  • Provide around 200 full-time jobs during construction and 20 new full-time jobs during operation.
  • Make use of waste from the adjoining Lowmac Alloys recycling centre, and their other facilities in the area. Waste could also come from elsewhere in the region.
  • Take up to 20 lorries a day off the road that normally export waste.
  • Take around 36 months to build and be up to 47m high with one flue stack around 60m high.
  • Be regulated by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, who will only issue an Environmental Permit if it is satisfied that the facility is safe for the environment and the local community.
  • Create opportunities for a wide range of local suppliers and supply chain companies.
  • Have the potential to supply nearby commercial and industrial users with the surplus heat generated, which we are actively looking into.
  • Allow for the recovery of valuable metals before and after the process. Residues from the combustion process (known as Incinerator Bottom Ash) can also be used to produce secondary aggregates in the production of concrete products.
  • Contribute to Scotland and the UK’s drive to reduce CO2 emissions from electricity generation.
  • Support local community programmes and causes.
  • Utilise a site that has previously been consented for energy recovery.

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